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Why Pastors Need to Get Real About Their Weaknesses

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

People want to follow a pastor who’s real. Find out how our weaknesses can benefit us.


12 Ways to Be a Godly Leader

Are you an example of Christ-likneness to your congregation?
Are you an example of Christ-likneness to your congregation? (Lightstock)

What makes you a bold example of Christ-likeness for your congregation? Here are some suggestions of how you can walk the walk.


Geoff Surratt: Why Pastors Crumble

Geoff Surratt
Geoff Surratt (Facebook)

Pastor Geoff Surratt offers a guide for healthy ministry that reminds people your role—your only role—is to point followers to Jesus.


5 Self-Truths to Realize to Become a Better Pastor

Man praying
How is your humility factor on a scale of 1 to 10?

They may be painful to come to grips with, but there are some staunch realities that come with being a pastor. Here are some things to take to heart.


8 Ways Leaders Open Themselves Up to Spiritual Attack


Do you sometimes take the enemy lightly, or are you always leery of his cunning little tricks? Here are some things to watch out for.


3 Great Reasons to Tell Stories in Your Preaching

Joe-McKeever-smallPastor, your people love a good story. Listeners who have gone on vacation during the first 10 minutes of your sermon will return home in a heartbeat the moment you begin, “A man went into a store….” or  “I remember once when I was a child….”

He never preached without telling stories.” (Mark 4:34)

Those who have died early in your message will suddenly spring to life when you say, “The other day, I saw something on the interstate …” or “Recently, when the governor and I were having lunch at the local café …”  (smiley-face goes here)


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