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Bill Cosby and 12 Signs of Abusive Leadership

Bill Cosby
In relation to the Bill Cosby scandal, Bishop Joseph Mattera examines 12 characteristics of abusive leadership. (Reuters)

There are many signs of abusive leadership, which can relate to leadership in the family, church, business, politics or any organization.


Chasing the Future Can Steal Our Energies

Are you so concerned about the future that you're ruining the present tasks God has for you?
Are you so concerned about the future that you're ruining the present tasks God has for you? (iStock photo)

Are we paying attention to Proverbs 3, or are we allowing our own agenda to direct our paths?


4 Things Self-Aware Leaders Know That Others Don’t

Self awareness
Pastor, how self-aware are you? (iStock photo)

So what have you learned in working with self-aware people, or with leaders who are not self-aware? What has helped you grow as a leader?


5 Ways Emotions Help and Hurt Your Leadership

Are you able to handle your emotions, or do your emotions handle you? (iStock photo)

When you are having a bad day, do you wait until you're in a better place emotionally to make important decisions?


Pastors, Deepen Your Walk With God and Broaden Your Influence

Influential pastor
Do you want to broaden your influence? How deep is your walk with God? (Lightstock)

Do you find yourself relentlessly pursuing God? Why not?


5 Reasons Why Every Pastor Should Journal

Pastor journaling
Do you journal? Here's why you should. (Lightstock)

Are you a leader who writes down his random thoughts at any time during the day? Find out how it could be beneficial for you in your role.


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