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12 Social Skills Required for Every Pastor

Ministry Leader
Ministry leader, how are your social skills?

Sometimes even pastors have difficulty relating to others. Here are some learned skills that might help along the journey.


What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Passion for Ministry

Pastor passion
Has your passion for your ministry diminished? How do you plan to get it back? (Lightstock)

Have you ever felt compelled to walk away from ministry? Here’s some suggestions to how you can find your passion again.


Thom Rainer: Pastors and Mental Health

Wounded leader
Are you struggling with depression, or do you know a ministry leader who is? (Lightstock)

Just like members of their congregations, pastors also struggle with the challenge of depression. Here are some of the issues, and here are some ways to get help.


In Grace, God Still Uses Leaders

Even when we forget Him, He still remembers us. And in grace, and He still uses us as leaders. (

Do you sometimes forget that God never gives up on you?


5 Ways to Avoid Stress and Stay Sane as a Pastor

Stress and strain
How are you able to keep your sanity in stressful times? (Stock Free Images)

Some pastoral duties can be downright debilitating. Here are ways to keep yourself mentally healthy.


How to Come Out a Winner After Being Unjustly Fired

Getting let go isn't easy to deal with, but deal with it God's way.
Getting let go isn't easy to deal with, but deal with it God's way. (Lightstock)

How would you react if things “simply didn’t work out for you” at your present church? Would you continue to hold your head high and believe for greater things?


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