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How to Set the Example Without Killing the Morale

Boss at work
What kind of example are you setting as a leader? (iStock photo)

As a leader, what kind of example do you set for your subordinates? Do you make a big deal of things, or do you quietly go about your business?


Are You Unhappy in Your Present Place of Ministry?

Fed up pastor
Have you ever felt like you just wanted to give up on your ministry? (Lightstock)

Here are four reminders for you if things aren’t working out the way you had hoped or planned.


10 Mistakes Pastors Make When Turning Sermons Into Books

Pastor authority

If you’re thinking about converting one of your sermons to book form, here are some things to strongly consider.


Brad Lomenick: Great Leaders Are Committed to the Insignificant

Brad Lomenick
Brad Lomenick (Facebook)

Find out why strong leaders are the best they can possibly be at all times, even with menial assignments that no one else cares about.


8 Truths About Pastors Who Disappoint Their Flocks

No, pastors are not superhuman, nor should they be expected to be perfect. (Lightstock)

Some seem to think pastors are supposed to be superhumans. Why aren’t some pastors given grace when they fall and repent?


A Sad Tale: The Narcissistic Christian Leader

The narcissistic leader is full of himself, not Jesus. (iStock photo)

God gave leaders intellect and keen skills. But what happens when the leader takes that and demands excessive attention?


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