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Greatest Countercultural Witness: Strong Biblical Families

Through the pulpit, are you strengthening nuclear families within your congregation? (Lightstock)

Isn't the most important role of the church in today's society to strengthen the nuclear family in our congregations and to empower parents to train their children with a biblical worldview?


Should We Try to Make Our Churches Cool?

Cultural relevance
Are we sacrificing truth in our churches in order to be culturally relevant? (Lightstock)

Is it a good thing that churches are trying to be culturally relevant these days?


Appeals Court Rejects Atheist Challenge to the Clergy Housing Exclusion

Judges gavel
The Freedom From Religion Foundation suffered another defeat in court Thursday. (Free Digital Photos)

The Freedom from Religion Foundation suffered yet another defeat in its fight against religious liberty. Find out what the court said about the ruling.


Why the Church Needs to Change the Way We Talk About Sex

Shouldn't the church rethink the way its people talk about sex?
Shouldn't the church rethink the way its people talk about sex? (iStock photo)

Could you imagine if the church got serious about our sins? What if we repented?


Americans Believe in Heaven, Hell and a Little Bit of Heresy

Heaven or hell
A recent LifeWay Research study yielded surprising results about what many Americans believe about heaven and hell. (iStock photo)

A recent LifeWay Research study about Americans' theological views produced some very interesting results.


Would Jesus Be Pleased With Our Cowering?

take up your cross
Are you taking up your cross daily? (Lightstock)

Will we simply lie down and let our religious freedoms fall by the wayside? What can you do?


Introducting the 2015 Ministry Today Resource Guide

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