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Should Christians Surrender the Cultural War?

Are you standing up for the cross of Jesus, or are you cowering in fear of cultural opposition?
Are you standing up for the cross of Jesus, or are you cowering in fear of cultural opposition? (Lightstock)

If you honestly asked yourself, “Am I standing for God’s truth with boldness or am I cowering because I fear opposition?” what would your answer be?


When Sin Loses Its Appeal

Free from sin
Has sin lost its appeal for you? (Stock Free Images)

When you selfishly don’t want to win because you don’t want to ruin something much better with something less satisfying, that’s when lasting change takes root.


LifeWay Research: Pastors Believe Religious Liberty on Decline in US

Religious liberty
What is your opinion on the apparent decline of religious freedom in the U.S.? (sakhorn38)

While Americans appear to have mixed feelings about religious freedom in this country, preachers are a bit more uneasy about it these days.


10 Issues Your Church Needs to Be Talking About

Justin Lathrop
Justin Lathrop (Facebook)

By not talking about these things in church, aren’t we missing the chance to call disciples deeper into their walk with Jesus? Aren’t we giving popular culture the chance to have the final say on these issues?


John Burke: ‘Two Lesbians Walk Into a Church’

Lesbians holding hands
(iStock photo)

Jesus isn’t shocked by anything that we do. Why should we be, if we’re supposedly walking in the same love Jesus has for us?


How to Build a Thriving, Productive Culture in Your Church

Church culture
How is the productivity of your church? (Facebook)

Is it possible the culture of your church reflects the culture of your heart? Is it possible to turn a misdirected ship around?


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