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Do You Have a Scarcity or a Generosity Mindset?

Staff leaving
How do you deal with it when a staff member wants to leave?

How do you handle it when a staff member wants to leave for another church? Here are a couple of options.


6 Biblical Ways to Handle Disunity

Rick Warren
Pastors have a duty to diffuse disunity in their church. (Facebook)

Satan’s favorite way to destroy a church is to create dissension. Here are some things you can do as a pastor to diffuse certain situations.


10 Common Topics of Church Member Arguments

What are some arguments you hear among your congregation? (Stock Free Images)

What are your perspectives on these issues of contention? What else would you add?


7 Warning Signs a Leader Is Heading for Burnout

Burned out
Have you experienced any of these signs of burnout? (Lightstock)

Have you experienced some of these emotions lately? Have you sought help from anyone to deal with them?


Are Believers With Cancer Better Off Than Nonbelievers?

Religious beliefs can help people cope with the stress of cancer better.
Religious beliefs could help people cope with the stress of cancer better. (Lightstock)

Find out why research strongly suggests individuals with religious and spiritual beliefs cope better during their battle with cancer than those without such beliefs.


What to Do When Your Team Makes a U-Turn

U-Turn sign

Many teams don’t function well when at a personnel deficit. Find out what to do when faced with this situation.


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