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How to Delegate When There’s No One Around

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Here are six keys to sharing the ministry load in a small setting.


Multisite Kidmin: Launching Your First Campus

Gina McClain
Gina McClain (Facebook)

Launching a multisite church campus can be daunting. Here are some strategies for setting up your kids' ministry.


How to Avoid Wasting Time in Staff Meetings

Steve Murrell
Steve Murrell (Facebook)

Staff meetings do not have to be a necessary evil. Here’s how they can be productive.


How Authority Breeds Influence

Pastor authority
Is your authority breeding influence or contempt?

Are you thinking of ways to gain more authority, or are you prayerfully discerning what God would have you do with the authority you have already been given?


7 Reasons Your Church Needs to Go on a Diet

Is your church overloaded with activities and events, or does it concentrate on discipleship? (Facebook)

Busyness diets are not always easy or pleasant. However, LifeWay’s Thom Rainer says they can make the difference between a simply busy church and a fruitful church.


4 Tips to Prevent You From Becoming an Abusive Leader

Ron-Cantor-new-picsI just got off the phone with a good friend. He is in a situation where the leader of his congregation is abusing the power that God has given him. As we talked about this I said, “Often a leader will surround himself with weak, yes-men, so no one will ever challenge him. Other gifted, strong leaders will be pushed aside, even though they could help build the vision, because the leader is threatened.”

My friend added, “In the end, he becomes the emperor with no clothes. And no one will tell him.”

Here are four ways to keep from becoming an insecure, abusive leader that produces little or rotten fruit.


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