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When It Feels Like God Isn't Listening

Have you let your pride get in the way of your relationship with God? (iStock photo)

Have you ever felt there was a time when God wasn't listening to you? Here's one character flaw that could prompt God to turn a deaf ear.


10 Habits That Absolutely Will Drain Your Productivity

Do you have the bad habit of overloading yourself? (iStock)

If you're doing any, some or all of these things, you could be working longer and harder than you need to.


5 Questions to Ask Yourself in the Face of Crucial Decisions

When faced with tough decisions, do you step up your game or do you cower?
When faced with tough decisions, do you step up your game or do you cower? (iStock photo)

Good leaders rise to the occasion to make tough decisions. Here are some questions to help you draw from God's wisdom in the process.


Is Yours an Expectant Church or a Reactive One?

Clear vision
Does your church have a recognized vision for the future or not much vision at all? (iStock photo)

Here are some comparisons between the two. Which category does your church fall into?


Pastor, There Are Some Things You Simply Don’t Want to Know

Hands over ears
(iStock photo)

When bad things happen to you as a servant of God, do you always search for the reason they happen?


What to do About Deadbeat Pastors

Deadbeat pastor
Has your lead pastor become ineffective? What can you do about it? (Lightstock)

Here are some suggestions about what to do about a pastor who has become ineffective and who has let his congregation 'die' around him.


5 Valuable Pre-Preaching Rituals

Do you have any pre-preaching rituals? (Lightstock)

Do you have a specific routine that you follow prior to stepping into the pulpit? What is it?


Pastoral Secrets Lead to Pastoral Sickness

Pastor secret
Do you harbor any secrets that make you sick inside? (iStock photo)

Are you carrying around a hidden burden? Here's why you should at least tell someone you trust.


Stop Trying to Be a Super Leader

Are you trying to play the part of 'Super Pastor?'
Are you trying to play the part of 'Super Pastor?' (iStock photo)

Pastors, what are some boundaries you have placed on your time, life and career to protect your health, life and marriage? Is this something you struggle with?


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