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Frank Viola: Rethinking Your Reputation

Are you constantly concerned about your reputation? Jesus wasn't about His.
Are you constantly concerned about your reputation? Jesus wasn't about His. (Lightstock)

If Jesus didn’t seek to be popular when He was on earth, why should you? If your Lord was a man of no reputation, why should you seek to salvage your own?


What the Pastor Needs From His Wife

Pastor and wife
What does a pastor need most from his wife? (Lightstock)

This article, Joe McKeever says, has nothing to do with ego. But there are things the pastor’s wife can do to make things easier on the pastor. 


Pastor, What Do You Do to Combat Stress?

Christ cross
Jesus walked everywhere, but He also sent others in His place. (Lightstock)

As a pastor, how do you know when it’s OK to say no or wait? Here are some suggestions on how to budget your time and energy.


4 Questions to Consider Before You Aspire to Become a Pastor

Are you sure you want to be a pastor? (Stock Free Images)

Pastoring is the greatest privilege to which a human could be called. Are you up to the challenge?


5 Ways Physical Training Helps With Spiritual Training

Physical training
Do you have a regular workout regimen? (Stock Free Images)

What value do you see in physical training, especially as it helps you in your spiritual training?


Joseph Mattera: Resisting Sexual Sin

Sexual sin
What are you doing to resist the temptation of sexual sin? (IStock photo)

Lust is one of Satan’s strongest tools against believers. Here’s how to build a firewall for your own good.


Mark Driscoll: Single Pastors?

The Bible proves single pastors can be effective.
The Bible proves single pastors can be effective. (Stock Free Images)

Obviously, there are examples in Scripture of godly single men who served God faithfully. But as a general rule, does God call still call men with the “gift of singleness” to be pastors?


Types of Pastors to Watch Out For

Joe McKeever
Joe McKeever

If you're on a pastor search committee, there are some things you need to be leery of when it comes to hiring someone.


8 Resolutions Every Pastor Should Have for 2014

Happy New Year

Many people make—and break—New Year’s resolutions. Here are some that pastors should consider for the upcoming year.


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