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5 Ways Emotions Help and Hurt Your Leadership

Are you able to handle your emotions, or do your emotions handle you? (iStock photo)

When you are having a bad day, do you wait until you're in a better place emotionally to make important decisions?


Pastors, Deepen Your Walk With God and Broaden Your Influence

Influential pastor
Do you want to broaden your influence? How deep is your walk with God? (Lightstock)

Do you find yourself relentlessly pursuing God? Why not?


5 Reasons Why Every Pastor Should Journal

Pastor journaling
Do you journal? Here's why you should. (Lightstock)

Are you a leader who writes down his random thoughts at any time during the day? Find out how it could be beneficial for you in your role.


8 Idols Church Leaders Still Worship Today

What idols do you need to remove from your life, pastor?
What idols do you need to remove from your life, pastor? (Lightstock)

Being honest, is there something in your life that you're putting above God?


Forgive Us: Leading With Humility

On knees in prayer
Are we praying in humility for forgiveness? (Lightstock)

Christianity in America has a reputation for self-interest and hurtful attitudes toward certain groups. Here's why the church should re-engage the culture in a new and better way.


5 Ways to Excel in Your Ministry and Leadership

Rick Warren
Rick Warren

Good leaders don't have to reach perfection to serve God. But are you willing to keep learning and growing in the Lord?


To the Pastor Considering an Extramarital Affair

Married couple
The consequences of your choices within your marriage extend way beyond yourself. (iStock photo)

Here are some things you may want to take to heart if you are even remotely thinking about a betrayal of your marriage vows.


Unintentional Pharisees: Revealing and Redeeming the Hypocrite Within

Ed Stetzer
Ed Stetzer (Facebook)

How do we discover and deal with the Pharisee inside us?


6 Ways to Avoid a Moral Failure in Ministry and Leadership

Rick Warren
Rick Warren (Facebook)

Everyone faces temptation in his or her life. But are you minimizing the opportunities for temptation to sin?


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