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The Jesus Way: Unshockable Love

Church greeters
Do you treat people at church the same, no matter who they are or what they look like? (Lightstock)

What would happen if you went into your neighborhood or your home and really started treating people just like Jesus did? What if you were unshocked by mud and motivated by mercy?


Rick Warren: Be Thankful in the Tough Times

Praise and thanks
Shouldn't we simply give praise and thanks in every situation, as the Bible says? (Lightstock)

Is it simply not better to stop worrying, pray about everything, give thanks and focusing on the right things? 


2 Times When the Pastor Becomes Vulnerable

Vulnerable pastor
Pastors are most vulnerable at these two times on Sunday morning. (Lightstock)

It's at these particular times when a pastor needs to guard himself against attacks, whether they're intentional or not.


4 Ways to Make Your Time With God Count

Pastor quiet time
Are you making your quiet time with God count? (Lightstock)

Here's how to optimize your time spent with God—and feel good about it.


Daniel Kolenda: The Kingdom in Earth

Kingdom on earth

What was Jesus talking about when He said, "The kingdom of God is within you?"


10 Reasons Why I Love My Church

Hal Seed
What are some of the reasons you love your church? (Facebook)

Do you love your church, or do you find fault with it? What are some reasons that you love it?


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