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How Your Church Can Survive a Financial Crisis

If your church is in the middle of a financial crisis, here are some suggestions that might help.
If your church is in the middle of a financial crisis, here are some suggestions that might help. (Stock Free Images)

Find out what members of a panel of fundraising experts suggest to help your church escape a money crunch.


13 Things to Do When Your Church Is Hurting Financially

Money tithing
If you are in the midst of a financial crisis, are you paying heed to these suggestions? (Stock Free Images)

If your church is in the midst of a money crunch, don’t panic. These 13 suggestions could help bring you out of it.


Why Year-End Giving Is a Good Thing

Money and Bible

If you sometimes wait until the end of the year to bring a major tithe into the storehouse, here’s why you shouldn’t feel guilty.


Creating Excellence in Ministry on a Small Budget

Limited finances

Just because your church has limited financial resources doesn't mean your ministry can't be effective.


8 Reasons Believers Give to Your Church

Giving money
(anankkml/Free Digital Photos)

Rick Warren says he’s against fundraising but in favor of teaching people to give. Here are some ways they're motivated to do so.


Is it Possible to Overpay a Pastor?

Dr. Joe McKeeverEvery once in a while, someone comes up with a new wrinkle on church headaches.

A young pastor friend wrote to say the church he now serves went through a split a year or so before he arrived, and the smaller congregation struggles to keep up with the financial needs. Presently, they are running a deficit of perhaps $10,000 a year, forcing them to draw on reserves.

The church has a number of fixed expenses, he says, such as utilities and insurance that cannot be cut. Even if they eliminated all literature and supplies, the deficit would still not be covered. His suggestion is that they cut his salary by $10,000 a year. The leadership refuses.


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