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26 of the Best iPad Apps for Pastors

How many tablet apps do you use as resources to help you be more organized? (Thankunkorn)

What are the best iPad apps for pastors? Here are a few suggestions for the technologically savvy ministerial leader.


5 Commandments for Becoming a Media-Savvy Pastor

Jentezen Franklin
Many pastors, like Jentezen Franklin, have become very media savvy.

Whether you’re the pastor of a megachurch or a small congregation, you can utilize the media to help you spread the gospel. Here’s how.


What You Can't Say at Church

Would you rather your congregation be silent during the service or have the ability to communicate?
Would you rather your congregation be silent during the service or have the ability to communicate? (Lightstock)

Find out one of the major reasons why people avoid church and why the number of your audience members may be less than desirable.


Greg Atkinson: The Most Beautiful Churches in the World

Godly culture
Do the godly people in your church make it attractive to others? (Lighstock)

What is your first thought when you think of attractive churches? Is it the building, or is it the people?


Ignore the Power of Media at Your Own Peril

Freedom House Church Pastor Troy Maxwell
Freedom House Church Pastor Troy Maxwell (Sarah Garrett/Freedom House Church Facebook page)

When it comes to the media, especially social media, there are no secrets. Find out how Freedom House Church in Charlotte, N.C., found that out the hard way.


8 Types of Power Groups in Churches

Thom-Rainer-headshotThis topic will cause some discomfort for many of you. The very thought of the presence of power groups seems contrary to the spirit and grace of the gospel. But power groups are very real in churches.

Perhaps our comfort level can increase a bit by calling the groups “influencers” rather than power groups. Choose your label. The fact of the matter is that most churches have a clearly known group that carries the most influence in the church. And it is not unusual for that group to have a clearly known leader.


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