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Charisma Media Unveils Ministry Today 21

Ministry Today 21

Here is Ministry Today magazine's list of 21 churches and ministries that are influencing the 21st-century.


6 Indicators That You Are a Church Planter

church planting
Do you have the gift of being a church planter? (SMBCollege/Flickr)

Are you a church planter? How can you know?


What Should You Tell Your Church When a Staffer Leaves?

Dan Reiland
Dan Reiland

Change is always difficult, but there doesn't need to be chaos. Here are some ways to communicate to the church body about staff changes.


Comfort Preference: Pews, Chairs or Something Else in the Worship Center?

What type of seating does your facility have?
What type of seating does your facility have? (Lightstock)

What type of seating do you have in your facility? If you could change the type, which would you prefer?


Finding Strengths in the Fears of Church Online

Saddleback Online
Saddleback's online campus has become a powerful tool for the church. (Saddleback Church)

Saddleback Church’s online campus wasn’t designed to take the place of attending church, but find out how it’s become a great tool to connect believers.


Joe McKeever: Heresies Inside the Church

heresy church
Can you recognize any heresies that might be occurring in your church? (Lightstock)

Heresies in the church are more prevalent than you might think. Here are a few to look for.


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