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Sam-Rodriguez-TwitterThe outcome of the 2012 presidential election reinforces the fact that what America needs the most is not a political movement driven by expediency and agendas of man but a prophetic movement driven by the impetus of the cross.

Accordingly, the outcome of the 2012 election speaks to a fragmented Bible-believing community where ethnic followers of Christ validated the donkey while white evangelicals supported the elephant. We need a new narrative that will bring both groups together.

To that respect, I am convinced more than ever that the only agenda that can save America and unite the body is not the agenda of the donkey or the elephant but the agenda of the Lamb.

The agenda of the Lamb is one of righteousness and justice. We need a multi-ethnic kingdom culture cross-driven movement that will reconcile Billy Graham's message with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s march. In other words, we need a movement committed to protecting life and alleviating poverty, defending marriage and doing justice in the name of Jesus. It can no longer be either or, it must be both-and.

In order to protect our Judeo-Christian value system, defend the image of God in every human being (in and out of the womb), secure religious freedom, reform the culture, transform our political discourse and usher in a new awakening, we must reconcile truth with love, conviction with compassion, sanctification with service and holiness with humility.

Finally, as many pro-life biblical worldview Christians fight off the effects of post-election stress disorder, let us not forget that God is still on the throne. At the end of the day, our objective is to convey to America one simple message; Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of mankind. Behold the Lamb!

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Lead, Not Follow

God has a history of using His people to shape every facet of society

If there’s ever been a time for Christians to influence society, the time is now. In Hitler’s day, the church sat back and prayed. Prayer is vital; yet just as faith without works is dead, so is prayer without action.

Many Christians feel the last place we should be involved is in our government. Yet how do you explain Deborah as a judge over Israel or David as both king and priest, or Moses as deliverer of all the Hebrews from a corrupt, oppressive rule? Weren’t Daniel’s knowledge and skill in literature and wisdom, and understanding of visions and dreams his very stepping stones into high government (see Dan. 1:19)? Or what about Joseph, who, using God’s wisdom, put together perhaps the largest food bank and financial solution ever established to save both his nation and Egypt in a time of great famine. He went from prison to palace with the insight of God.

For the last several years we’ve heard prophetic words proclaiming that God is releasing to His people creative inventions, revelational solutions and strategies for the complex difficulties coming upon the earth. It makes sense that He gives answers to those who worship Him.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “Seven Mountain Strategy.” This revelation was first given to Bill Bright of Campus Crusade and Loren Cunningham of YWAM many years ago. God showed the two separately but in the same time period that He was calling for Christians to take their rightful places on the “mountains of influence” in society. These mountains are government, the media, education, entertainment and the arts, economy, family, and religion. Now this revelation has surfaced again and the Holy Spirit is blowing on it with great insight through authors such as Lance Wallnau and Johnny Enlow.

Proverbs declares that “when the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan” (29:2). It’s time we step up to the plate and take our positions on every mountain. Many in your congregations need to be encouraged to seek God for supernatural insight and bring it to the world.

I believe God is revealing hidden “Josephs” and revealers of secrets all over the earth. Those who are currently in authority will be seeking out the wisdom of the godly. The humanistic answers have failed. The global economy—the idol of the world—is failing. “Think tank” answers from the best minds will still come up empty without insight from God.

What better way to demonstrate the reality of the kingdom of God than to give answers that work? Church isn’t about the four walls in which we meet, but about glorifying God in all the earth and bringing His influence and righteousness to bear in every situation.

Just as in revival, God isn’t interested in a mere visitation but in a habitation that permanently changes lives. Apply this same principle to the institutions of everyday life. God is not content with a prayer meeting in a capitol building; He wants reformation of ungodly government.

Isaiah 9 proclaims that the government rests upon the shoulders of Jesus, and there shall be no end to the increase of His government. How does this happen if we aren’t actively involved in places and positions of influence? We must rid ourselves of religious mindsets that are based more in man’s fear than in faith.

Now when we hear the slogan, “The Change We Need,” let’s remember: It begins with us!

Ché Ahn is senior pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif. He leads an apostolic network in 36 nations around the world and has written numerous books, including Close Encounters of the Divine Kind. For more information, visit

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Keep Your Hand on the Plow

Our nation’s moral war isn’t over, especially for Christian leaders

Service is costly. God never intended the world to be run by godless counsel and perverted ethics, but that is the alternative when we are silent.

The struggle over the marriage amendment last November in California is living proof. A 4 percent margin stood between defining marriage between one man and one woman and the deception purported by liberal activists.

Edmund Burke once said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Pastors are a moral compass meant to influence congregations and society at large. I’m grateful for the pastors who helped mobilize hundreds of ministers in this close election.

I know many more leaders who could’ve taken a stand but for fear of losing or upsetting their more liberal members chose to remain silent. That nonsense must stop. Every three minutes, a believer is martyred somewhere in the world while standing for their beliefs. Our cry of “political correctness” is a weak excuse.

The war isn’t over. There are tremendous lessons for us to learn from this narrow victory, for it is only one of many to come:

1. We must do spiritual warfare. Lou Engle, president of TheCall, proclaimed a 40-day fast leading up to the elections with specific prayer for Proposition 8 to pass. The opponents were ahead by 10 points in the polls when the fast began. After 10 days of fasting, that lead was lost. Just before the election, the polls showed a dead heat. When TheCall San Diego took place, 20,000 Christians fasted and prayed. We knew in the heavenly realm the war was won though the election was three days away.

2. It takes money to transform society. Proposition 8 supporters raised $37 million (versus $40 million for those who opposed). I’m convinced that without these funds we would have lost the battle. The money to buy commercial airtime was crucial to combat the opposition’s media blitz. This proposition was the most costly measure of the election. Yet you can’t put a price tag on truth and righteousness.

3. We must “keep our hand on the plow.” Without the pastors’ and leaders’ involvement, we would have likely lost. It’s taxing and costly to lead. Yet King David, when offered land for God’s use for free, replied, “I will not give to God that which costs me nothing” (see 2 Sam. 24:24). Are you willing to stand, however you must, to bring God’s honor to our land?

4. We need long-term strategy and reformation structure. To shift our culture and re-establish family values for generations to come, we need strategists and leaders to unite under God’s wisdom to bring about moral reformation, not just temporary transformation. Reformation is the structure that upholds change. We need donors to give, attorneys to fight, leaders to contend until we firmly establish God’s justice. It will take time, and it will take all of us.

5. We need to receive all like-minded groups. More than just evangelical Christians are needed to win the values war. I’m grateful for every group—Mormon, Roman Catholic, Hispanic, etc.—that came out to vote and donated millions to the cause. If we work in massive unity, we can bring transformation into reformation for our nation, and “nothing we plan to do will be impossible for us” (see Gen. 11:6).

The battles can and must be won—for our children and their children. Plow on, leaders!

Ché Ahn is senior pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif. He leads an apostolic network in 36 nations around the world and has written numerous books, including Close Encounters of the Divine Kind. For more information, visit


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Don't Go It Alone Without transparent friendships, ministers are dangerously vulnerable

Our world values independence. "Making it on your own" is the "highest achievement," and depending on others is viewed as weakness. That's far from a kingdom mentality.

God, the consummate Being who could run the show alone, valued relationship so highly that apart from the Holy Spirit and Jesus, the Father does nothing—and vice versa. The original picture of ideal interdependence is modeled in the Godhead itself.

As a young believer, some of the earliest teachings I heard were about accountability and being "in covenant." Although some believers have shipwrecked on these concepts through wrongful control, these truths, in balance, are vital.

I wonder how the many leaders who have fallen from grace in the last 10 or 15 years would have fared if had they had a close, wise ear to talk to and a kind heart to glean from, or a small group of covenant peers to offer safe counsel.

Christian leaders face closer scrutiny than the average person. The Bible warns that those who teach "shall receive a stricter judgment" (James 3:1). We see such judgment daily in the media. We are often open targets to anyone except a just Savior. That's why I believe those in ministry—perhaps more than any other field—desperately need transparent, effective friendships and means of accountability.

God designed us for relationship—first with Him, and then with each other. Our success is exponentiall when paired with each other: If one can put 1,000 to flight; then two can put 10,000 to flight (see Deut. 32:30).

In contrast, the Bible says that "he who isolates himself seeks his own desire; he rages against all wise judgment" (Prov.18:1). We become dangerously vulnerable without healthy and insightful relationships.

Our busy schedules make it hard to maintain close contact with others. But such shared time is not a luxury; it is a necessity and a protection. Whatever time we spend deepening trusted friendships is an investment more precious than riches.

I encourage you to seek safe and open relationships on two levels. The first is for your personal growth, edification and safety. The second is for that of your ministry. Webster's dictionary defines safe as "free from damage or the risk of damage; giving protection, trustworthy, prudent." We can all use that kind of protection!

On a personal level, my close, covenant friendships are irreplaceable. We are charged to "submit ourselves to one another" (Eph. 5:21, NIV). Doing so provides both safeguards and insights we lack alone. I believe accountability is a part of that submission. It means we are open to being called into account, and we are willing to present or defer to others as appropriate for decisions and counsel in our lives.

On a corporate or ministry level, I believe God created the apostolic realm of the fivefold ministry to provide a safe place of corporate submission to best encourage the growth of His church. There is a very clear blueprint of this plan in the New Testament. I believe apostolic alignment is key to healthy growth, direction and provision. Just like the solo person, a "solo church" is dangerously poised.

If these areas need shoring up in your life, seek God and establish these foundations. I'm confident you'll treasure the results.


CHÉ AHN is senior pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif. He leads an apostolic network in 36 nations around the world and has written numerous books, including Close Encounters of the Divine Kind. For more information, visit

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No Shortcuts to Character Integrity is one of the permanent foundations of ministry


Recently I was asked to contribute a chapter for a book compendium by various authors. The subject was “power ministry.” I was thrilled. There were so many stories I could tell of the Holy Spirit’s working in my life!

Then I asked the Lord what He desired for me to write—and the whole scenario changed. The chapter instead explored the permanent foundations of power ministry: prayer, humility, and—most important—character and obedience.

As leaders, the impetus is on us to set these examples. That’s why I’m writing this column.

Billy Graham once said the three greatest areas the church needs to work on are: (1) integrity, (2) integrity and (3) integrity. In strict dictionary terms, integrity is the “quality or state of being complete; an unbroken or perfect condition; wholeness, soundness, entirety.”

I went on to investigate honesty—the synonym of integrity. It’s a mammoth word, meaning: “Respectable, creditable, commendable. One that will not lie, cheat or steal. Truthful, trustworthy, straightforward. Upright, and free from deceit. Genuine, pure, frank and open. Honorable and reliable.”

That mouthful being said, think how most leaders are introduced: “So and so pastors a 1,000-member church”; “This woman has a TV show, is the author of five books and travels extensively”; “Our distinguished guest today has a Ph.D. from ImaStar Seminary.” But could you imagine if we were introduced solely by our character traits?

I stay in reverential fear of the Lord at how easy it is for us to deceive ourselves and nurture hidden indulgences or sin. I run to those I am in covenant relationship with at the first sign of a satanic trap to bring me down. I don’t trust my flesh as far as I can throw it. None of us should.

We are in an hour now when God’s glory is being displayed in increasing power and majesty. His reputation is at stake, not just ours. We have no right to do what we please. Truly, we are not our own (see 1 Cor. 6:19-20).

It’s all wonderful and exciting when we give our lives to Jesus or receive an ordination. Yet it’s just like a marriage or any valuable long-term relationship. As the years go by and we are pressed time and again, the truth of who we are and what we will choose to do and be when under pressure will come to the surface.

It has been said that “what you do in secret shows who you really are.” We may pursue some kind of sinful behavior and think no one notices. Even if it takes the outside world a while to pick up on it, “God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing” (Eccl. 12:14).

There are no shortcuts to character. If there are areas in your life that need special attention, humble yourself and seek healing or restoration. Confess and repent. Seek wholeness in your life and relationships. Allow the Lord the time He needs to build you so you will not fall.

Likewise, if you know a brother or a sister headed toward or fallen into sin, then “hold them back,” as Proverbs 24:11 (NASB) says. Warn them. Help them. It is a “truthful witness [that] saves lives,” according to Proverbs 14:25 (NASB). We’re all in this together.

When the day is done, forbidden pleasures do not last. They may bring sickness and even death (see Ps. 38). How much better to hear Jesus say for eternity: “Well done, My good and faithful servant. Enter into your reward.” That’s my heart’s desire.



Ché Ahn is senior pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif. One of his greatest joys is simply joining the Father in what He is doing today.


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Coming to Your City We ask for revival, but are we really ready?

Recent news stories in Atlanta reported that the city's health facilities were direly unprepared to meet the needs of any kind of crisis. Already at capacity levels, emergency rooms would be unable to handle a huge influx from any natural disaster or terrorist threat. Although this was an eye-opener for anyone hearing the news, my mind raced to a parallel thought: Are we as Christian leaders ready for massive revival?

Upon returning from the Lakeland Outpouring in Florida, a pastor I know had a telling dream about revival. In it, phones began ringing nonstop. She had several to choose from, so she answered the first. It was a fellow pastor: "We have 200 people too many to fit in our church. Can you accommodate them?" Before she could reply, another line rang: "We have 1,000 at our door nightly that we can't fit in. Do you know a church in our area of town where we can send them?" Yet another caller asked if there were any leaders in her church that could come and help with their surplus. The scenario continued.

When this pastor awoke, she was thrilled. ImagineÐso many people getting saved, healed and delivered that pastors were joyfully working together to "give away" people to other churches who could help meet the need. She found her heart pulsing at the thought that rather than being jealous about "who stole my sheep?" ministers were joining together to provide places of refuge and growth for the revival.

I believe she's right on track with the Lord's heart. A famous quote reads, "Much could be done for the kingdom of God if no one cared who got the credit." The thought of a massive sweep of the Holy Spirit ushering thousands or perhaps millions into the kingdom rightly brings us back to the roots of our Christian faith:

"Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need. So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved" (Acts 2:44-47).

The early church grew because it wasn't about personal ownership or building "my ministry." The people knew their source was God, and the wonder and awe over what was happening far outweighed any human being taking the credit.

I believe God is telling us to be ready for a similar outpouring. In Revelation, He addresses a church by its city, not as First Baptist or Downtown Community. God sees every church in the city as one. No matter what style of worship or preaching, regardless of race or tongue, we are all citizens of the same kingdom working together toward the same end.

When the glory of God's presence sweeps into a city or a situation, the barriers come down and we don't have a problem sharing. All the unity luncheons of the ages cannot accomplish what happens together in one hour of His glory.

Get ready; it's coming soon. We need to believe for the glory and revival, and to ready our people. As surely as we see the birth pangs, this baby is on its way. May it be that we can say as did the early church, "There was great joy in that city" (Acts 8:8). And may it be your city!


Che Ahn is senior pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif. He leads an apostolic network in 35 nations and has written numerous books, including Fire Evangelism and Close Encounters of the Divine Kind. One of his greatest joys is simply joining the Father in what He is doing today.


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In Over My Head As God's waters of renewal and revival rise, how deep will you go?

If I was to tell you that I was "in over my head," you might think I'd maxed out my credit cards, overbooked my time or fallen so far behind in my paperwork that I couldn't find the phone on my desk. Thankfully, that's not the case. Yet I am having a new kind of "over my head" experience, and it's the best thing to ever happen to me.

I used to think my commitment to God and my fervency for His kingdom was all it could be. I prayed hard. I pastored. I discipled people and tried to keep my family life in order. I was consumed by what I believed to be the call of God. I exacted a toll on everyone around me. I finally ran out of steam.

By the grace of God, certain events transpired in my life and everything changed. God began to take me to places in the Spirit I had never been before.

In Ezekiel 47 a man "like bronze" measures the waters around Ezekiel. First the water came up to his ankles, then to his knees, then to his waist. Finally, "it was a river that [he] could not cross; for the water was too deep" (v. 5). The water was over his head!

This passage offers an analogy for the waters of renewal and revival that have been flowing in "hot spots" around the world. Thank God for the increase in refreshing, revelation, miracles, signs and wonders. Yet I believe taking this swim is not merely an experience reserved for conferences or Sunday morning services. Rather it should be a lifestyle.

Notice the description in Ezekiel. The prophet couldn't cross the river in the usual manner. He could no longer use his feet to take him where he wanted to go. Many of us will venture in only to where we're still partially in control. I believe the depths measured parallel how much we will release our control and understanding and yield to God's ways.

If even one little part of my head is bobbing above the surface, I will still try to run the show and understand it all. God has called us to go in completely, to be in over our heads. This was a river so deep it "could not be crossed." It was too deep for human effort to make a difference!

The Holy Spirit is like that river. We must trust Him to take us where He wants to go, no matter where it leads. The direction is not our decision to make. Though jumping in feels unfamiliar, it is more exciting and fruitful than we could dream. When I wrote my first book, I went in over my head. When the Lord called me to father a network of churches, I went in over my head. When God opened the door for us to buy Ambassador Auditorium in downtown Pasadena, Calif., I followed God in over my head.

The results have been astounding. Several books later, a few thousand churches more and a premiere facility used for God's glory, I am in awe of what God has done. I'm not suggesting you make reckless decisions. But follow the Spirit's leading from deep to deeper.

I'm in over my head and loving it. Life is no longer about "my ministry" or "my plans." It is all His. I urge you to come on in and completely let go. I promise you, the water's fine!

Ché Ahn is senior pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif. He leads an apostolic network in 35 nations and has written numerous books, including Fire Evangelism and Close Encounters of the Divine Kind. One of his greatest joys is simply joining the Father in what He is doing today.


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Here Comes the Bride Why God chose marriage to depict His relationship with the church.

"This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church."
Ephesians 5:32

Of all the terms God could have used to describe the relationship between the church and Jesus, there is none more prized than depicting us as His bride. Had He chosen a beloved child, there would have been caring, kindness, love, inheritance and a blood bond. We would've been birthed from Him alone, but not called beside Him as a bride. Had He chosen us merely as a friend, there would be trust, gratitude and enjoyment. There would be valued loyalty through good times and bad, and a special place in His heart and ours for what we share together. Yet it could not be the closest bond. Had He chosen a servant, there would be obedience and perhaps favor, but not the honor of an exclusive partnership and voluntary lives laid down. This best describes marriage alone.

Never before has so much revelation and release been placed on intimacy with the Lord. Yet many people (pastors included!) do not understand this focus. Some find it "too personal" for public discussion or display.

I didn't choose this analogy. Our loving Bridegroom did. He is wooing us through intimate worship that opens our hearts and reveals our hidden secrets and needs. He is taking us aside to the bridal chamber where He shares with us His deepest secrets and heals our brokenness.

Jesus is drawing His bride. He covers us as does the husband and washes us with His Word (see Eph. 5). He is jealous for us and will share us with no one else. He defends us and protects us, as would the most ardent lover.

Our spouses are to be our equal—perhaps not always in function, but always in worth. We are one with our spouses. It is beyond my comprehension (hence the "mystery" Paul speaks of) that Jesus would call us "one" with Him.

Why would He choose this highest and, yes, most demanding of all relationships to describe His union with us? One reason is that it is also the most rewarding of all relationships. Marriage is meant to be the safest place on earth to get healed, delivered and set free as you share yourself with that one person in irrevocable covenant. Yet perhaps the most important reason is because marriage is the only relationship called to bear children. Matthew 16:18 tells us that God will build His church. To do this, He is looking to reproduce Himself in the earth through His bride.

Christ is not looking for a church that wants to be His girlfriend or have an occasional date, though many prefer that lessened commitment. He is serious in this hour about having a bride—without spot or wrinkle. That means we must grow up and be married. It's time to work through the conflicts, the misunderstandings and the challenges that go with any relationship. As His church, it is time to step into the maturity that takes on responsibility, makes sacrifices and perseveres when things are tough.

The awesome reward is the intimate love of our Bridegroom. Many may serve God out of heartfelt obedience yet never share in the joy of being His partner. I want to be His spouse. I want all that comes with that great privilege. Nothing can compel us with purer motives, greater endurance and a more accurate representation of Christ on this earth than walking in the intimacy of His love.

Ché Ahn is senior pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif. He leads an apostolic network in 35 nations around the world and has written numerous books, including his latest release, Close Encounters of the Divine Kind.


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Pizza or Power? Forget the superficial—today’s youth are hungry for a move of God.

Youth groups used to be pretty simple. A year's overview included a few pizza nights, several good speakers, a dozen testimonies, a couple of clean movie screenings and maybe a retreat or two. Spiritual revival may not have been a high priority in this plan, but as people say, "Hey, at least it keeps the kids off the street," right?

Not only is this approach superficial, it doesn't work, as evidenced in the Virginia Tech tragedy last year. In what is now known as "the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history," gunman Seung-Hui Cho, a Korean-American student, killed 32 students on campus and injured 25 more before committing suicide.

Seung-Hui had attended a denominational church from time to time in western Fairfax County, Va., where he grew up. But he was never reached. He never came to know the love of Christ. He never experienced a circle of friends in the Lord with whom he could share his life. He never caught hold of the true purpose for which he was born. His hatred and rage were finally released in a torrent of terror.

Yet God is redeeming the disaster. After the incident, Korean pastors in northern Virginia made a declaration to fast and pray, and come together to find God's solution and repent. They realized that while kids today live in a precarious and dangerous world, they are bored. They desire destiny and meaning, but they don't know where to look. Simply put, young people need more than "pizza parlor" Christianity.

Alvin Chun, a Korean-American pastor in our ministerial network, sensed that God wanted him to offer something once a month in Falls Church, Va. He rented a hotel ballroom and invited teenagers and young adults to come experience the fullness of God and discover His purpose for their lives. Chun wanted them to see, learn and receive the power of God in healings, miracles and the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit showed up mightily at the very first meeting. People were reeling and falling out in the Spirit and losing themselves in the liquid love of the Father.

In short, revival is breaking out! Each month hundreds are signing up at these "schools of the supernatural"—just by word of mouth. Many are hungry youth pastors and English ministry pastors from other denominations. Kids and parents are getting saved, and reports of healing abound. One young Korean brought a deaf Muslim as her guest, and not only was the woman healed of deafness, she was also saved! Many are receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit in powerful ways.

Although my schedule to oversee a network of churches tries to keep me tethered, I know the hand of the Lord when I see it and will follow where He leads. I know what is happening in northern Virginia is God's way of taking what Satan meant for evil and using it for good. I've committed to go to Virginia monthly to minister at these meetings. I believe the Lord is loosing revival fires to spread all over the nation, and I want to be a carrier too.

Right now, more than 60 campuses across our nation have 24/7 prayer going on. Following last summer's TheCall in Nashville, Tenn., students and families continue to gather to fast, pray and repent for restoration in America. Revival is rising. The ground is shaking. The earth is waiting. And, as much as I love pizza, this move of God is far greater than the best pizza could ever be!

Ché Ahn is senior pastor of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif., and apostolic leader of Harvest International Ministry, a network of 1,500 churches worldwide.]]> (Che Ahn) First Priority Tue, 01 Jan 2008 00:00:00 -0500