Only Jesus saves. (Public Domain Pictures)

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Tell me one reason to buy your product or service.

Just one.

Hopefully, you have thought about the one reason many times. There must be one focal point, one strong reason to buy. Perhaps the reason is baked in to the product. The reason may seem self-evident. But it isn't.

The reason is often hidden in the noise of the marketplace. Advertisers are positioned on soap boxes across all media announcing messages that drift away, lost in space. The clutter of marketing promises is deafening.

Our product or service must have an identifiable reason for being. What does it do those other products can't or won't do?  If it's not different, not better or simply a "me too" rendition of something satisfying, then our voice is easy to ignore.

Spend mega-time to wordcraft a message that clearly specifies one reason to buy.

Only Jesus saves.

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