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He shows us the way. (Dr. Steve Greene )

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There's something powerful and memorable about the moment when someone asks Jesus to become their Savior.

The born-again experience includes a complete change in our spiritual DNA. I don't have to understand to know that I've experienced it, engaged it and observed it hundreds of others.

I've spoken with many young adults at the altar of our church. It doesn't take long before the "radically saved" schedule a meeting with me to discuss their future. The post-salvation talks were remarkably similar. The meetings begin with a similar statement:

"I want to go to Africa to minister."

Bless their hearts.

Never once, has someone told me they were called to Iceland, Ireland or Istanbul. It's always Africa.

Maybe it's the bush that is attractive. Or maybe it's the lions and elephants. Perhaps it's the voices of the people crying out against the evil in their land.

Africa does wail.

My typical response to those desperate to save Africa, all 1.216 billion of her people, is to first work in their own zip code.

"Your Africa is just across the street."

Every Christian has their Africa. It takes leadership to help the young become aligned with their gifts and calling. Some need a little help with discernment.

God does the calling and gifting, but leaders are important hearing aids.
Leaders point people to Jesus and continue to point to the next powerful moment in His presence. 



Today's Scripture

"Proclaim His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples" (Psalm 96:3). 



Platform Tip No. 142

The word "no" helps us to focus on what we don't do.

No, helps us say yes to the message we've been called to deliver.
When we try to be all things to all people, we are nothing to no one.


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